Alat Uji Kincup Roda - Side Slip Tester (Single or Double Pad)

Alat Uji Kincup Roda Single Pad

KCH Vehicle Side Slip Tester inspects the matching between wheel camber and wheel toe while the vehicle is driving straightaway. Side Slip Tester you can choose Single Plate or Double Plate, When the vehicle is passing over the Side Slip Plate, the plate is pushed to the left or the right depending on the wheel tracking. Any deviation will be sent to computer by the displacement sensor and appeared in side slip volume and sideslip direction

This Sideslip tester is 4 plates structure (2 plates are releases use) with synchronous mode in order to inspect both wheels' side slip value of a vehicle. The inspection result is displayed by a digital board. It is control by Integrated Circuit (IC) board inserted in the display unit.

The control display unit has power unit, amplifier, A/D converser, Control circuit card and LED display board PC control. The tester uses Integrated Circuit card to collect the real time data, and then process and display the volume figure. As soon as a real time bigger value is collected, this bigger figure will be displayed. If the next figure is smaller than its precedent won't be display.


Alat Uji Kincup Roda Double Pad

  • Sideslip plate & Protection frame integrative structure
  • Sideslip plate locker with inner key
  • No maintenance body design
  • Galvanized plate surface for extra long service life
  • High precision sensor to ensure the exactitude of result
  • Upper and lower dual bearing system makes smooth movement
  • Selection of synchronic or independent motion type for different regulation requirement
  • Over-load & over-value alarm function
  • Standard RS-232 connection port
  • Can be integreated with 2 more equipment by VIS Control System

  • Specification :

    KCH-3  PN:5102001
    KCH-10  PN:5104004
    KCH-15  PN:5105002
    KCH-18  PN:5106003
    Max. Axle Weight (kg)
    Up to 4000
    Up to 15000
    Up to 18000
    Up to 20000
    Measuring Range (m/km)
    Sideslip Board Dimensions (mm)
    600 x 500
    600 x 500 - 1100 x 1000
    600 x 500 - 1100 x 1000
    600 x 500 - 1100 x 1000
    Release Board Dimensions (mm)
    600 x 250
    600 x 250 - 1100 x 385
    600 x 250 - 1100 x 385
    600 x 250 - 1100 x 385
    Structure Form
    Single plates with release Galvanized
    Double plates with release board
    Double plates with release board
    Single/Double plates with release board
    Power Supply
    AC 220V, 50Hz, ground
    AC 220V, 50Hz, ground
    AC 220V, 50Hz, ground
    AC 220V, 50Hz, ground




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