Cosber Control Display

Cosber Control Display

V.I.S Control Display

Vehicle Inspection System Control Panel Cabinet: 1.6m height anti-dust Industrial control cabinet with larger glass façade, easy install of Industrial Computer, Printer and Control circuit.
Control Panel mode: Make use of a single Industrial computer or multiple computers to control the testing equipments, high performance digital communication technology for a fully automotive operation and multi-tasks inspection process.

Software: a powerful software system integrated of Login in program, Operation control, System configuration, Result print, User management, Database management, Calibration program, etc.


Analogue Multi-Pointer Display

Analogue Multi-Pointer Display System Control Vehicle Inspection anti-dust Industrial control cabinet with analogue and seven segmen and arrow left and right, larger glass façade, easy install of Industrial Computer, Printer and Control circuit.
High precision stepper motor in Analogue dash board.
Fine Display for the brake force evolution process.
No need of extra-PC to control.
Mini-printer equipped.

Height 1765mm, length 600mm, width 350mm


LED Control Unit

LED result display, the most cost saving and effective stand a lone body design.

  • One key to start, auto operation mode.
  • No need to configure with PC and printer.
  • LED real time display of inspection data.
  • Mini-printer equipped.
  • Simple calibration mode.
  • Height 1600mm, length 610mm, width 280mm

    KL Control Unit PC Base

    Cabinet: Dim.850x300x1150mm, Compact body design to facility the install of PC and control components. Equipped with Easy to use stainless monitor holder.
    Control circuit: High speed microprocessor integrated with multiple tester channels, updating capability
    Software: MS Window base, User friendly interface, Dynamic display mode, Multiple choice of language, Password of configuration mode.



  • CE Approval
  • Totally automatic operating
  • User friendly operation menu
  • SQL result data
  • Configuration interface password
  • Customerized result report and graph
  • Auto Drive-off roller program
  • Test of Axle-load/wheel resistance/Maxi brake force/Brake imbalance/Ovality/Sideslip/Suspension Absorb rate
  • Communication channel with external equipments

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