Cosber Software V.I.S

Cosber Software V.I.S

V.I.S Control Display

New designed of compact Testline control software with European fashion.

  • Quick F key mode operation
  • Selection of test items
  • Main test operation
  • User self-diagnostic
  • Manually operation mode
  • Configuration setting
  • Database management
  • Colorful toolbar design
  • Multi-language shift
  • Interface theme setting
  • Calibration mode

    New CL-Testline Control

    New designed of compact Testline control software with European fashion.

    1) Quick F key mode operation
    2) Selection of test items
    3) Main test operation
    4) User self-diagnostic
    5) Manually operation mode
    6) Configuration setting
    7) Database management
    8) Colorful toolbar design
    9) Multi-language shift
    10) Interface theme setting
    11) Calibration mode
    12) Password setting


    Simple Test Line Control

    Software Simple Test Lines Control, A user-friendly and easy to use software, its advantage is simple, effective and automatic process.

    1) Automatic Operation Set up
    2) Calibration mode
    3) Database management


    KL Control Unit PC Base



  • Special designed of Racing dyno software interface for a professional use:
  • Car Information setup & parameter setting
  • Quick F key mode operation guide
  • Dual mode of Power Sweep Testing and Power Graph
  • Real-time input signal display ( AFR, MAP, Torque, RPMā€¦)
  • Loading run and Simulation road driving
  • Speedometer calibration
  • Constant speed and real-time Torque data display
  • Database searching and set up.



    Certificate Products

    Produk-produk yang kami tawarkan telah memenuhi standar peralatan Nasional maupun International, BSN/KAN, ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, EC, dan Kemitraan dengan Distributor Indonesia

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