Alat Uji Lampu - Prolux GeminiPlus Headlight Tester

Alat Uji Lampu

Electronic headlight beam setter equipped with micro-camera on board, USB PC connection, mirror or laser visor, laser pointing system to easily point and centre the lens. Complete with software installed: WindowsXP Prof. or Windows2000 Prof. Camera on board improves light image resolution and exact dimensions, the unit can also identify any kind of light under check.



  • Measuring Range:
    - Central Height of Headlight 50cm-130cm
    - Luminous Intensity: 0 - 60,000cd (100,000cd)
  • Deviation of Optical Axis:
    - Left and right Left 2°30 - Right 2°30 (Left 40cm/10m - Right 40cm/10m)
    - Up and Down Up 1°30 Down 2°30 (Up 20cm/10m - Down 40cm/10m)
  • Indication Error:
    - Luminous Intensity of high- beam: ±12%
    - Inspection Distance: 50cm
  • Power Source: DC12V (Can be provided by cigar lighter of storage cell)
  • 4 pcs of 1.5V batteries (for laser)
  • Power consumption: <1W (for the complete set)
  • Weight: about 30kg
  • Guide Rail: 100mm X 3000mm (length)
  • Outer Dimension: 605mm (Width) X 1750mm (height) X 595mm (Width)

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